Import business

Product is safe and optimal sharing of concept along with a proven track record

Export business
I open the door of possibilities for a new future of your company’s first step into the continent

Group Companies
上海櫻島婚慶礼儀服有限公司 (Shanghai wedding story)
上海櫻島実業有限公司(Shanghai wedding story)

Efforts CTD
CHINA is not only a leading global manufacturer; it is becoming a leading world market.
CTD co, ltd. can propose to clients’ business coordination between JAPAN and CHINA.
CTD co, ltd. has over 20 years reliance from our clients by “direct communication” connecting JAPAN and CHINA.
The role of CTD co, ltd. is the business construction and adjustment between the Japanese market and the Chinese market.
We share our client’s business purposes, hope’s, result’s and budget’s.
We control the products, services and business in lead time.

[The mission]
The CTD group acts as the bridge between Japan and China.
We realize your dreams and impressions through the interchange of culture, people, goods and service.

[The vision]
The CTD group is an Asia pioneer.
We will always aim do stretch to limit.
So that we continue to create new and original market and
new and original opportunities by stretching the limit to exceed
your expectations.

[The objectives]
Through our interchange of culture, people, goods and service,the CTD group
generates mutual optimal outcomes for Asia and our clients.

Business contents  Tradingcompany
Representative Representative Director   Inada Lan
Head location   5-6Kamoikeshinmachi,Kagoshimacity KagoshimaPrefecture
Establishment 1995/02
associated company 薇婷故事(上海)文化发展有限公司(Shanghai wedding story)